Zibanaghsh cellophane printing
Print all kinds of three-layer wrappers
Zibanaghsh cellophane printing
Print all kinds of drink wrappers
Zibanaghsh cellophane printing
Equipped with cellophane printing machines and equipment with the latest European technology
Zibanaghsh cellophane printing
Printing all kinds of packaging wrappers
Zibanaghsh cellophane printing
Cellophane design and pre-printing services
Zibanaghsh cellophane printing
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Flexible solutions for packaging your valuable products

Zibanaghsh (Ziba Naghsh) cellophane printing produces a wide range of flexible packages to meet your needs. Our wide range of products enables you to offer the right solutions for even our most challenging customers.

About us

Due to the tremendous progress of the printing and packaging industry and the increasing role of the packaging industry in improving the sales and quality of products of other related industries and the country’s need for advanced printing and packaging industries, Zibanaghsh cellophane printing company aims to provide printed wrappers with Quality in accordance with international standards to meet the needs of the country’s industries in the first step and exports to countries in the region in the second step invested in the rotogravure printing collection.

In this regard, the company by purchasing and launching its required machines and equipment with the latest European technology, including:

1- Rotogravure printing machine, 9 colors, Italian cherry

2- Laminating machine and cold-rolling machine of Italian mechanical mechanics

3- German camphor cutting machines

All devices are the latest models of 2011 and one of the best and most advanced brands in Europe today, took the first step. In addition, by gathering a group of experienced and motivated professionals and staff, it has provided the possibility of optimal use of existing facilities. Supply of high quality raw materials from the best brands in the world as the last top of quality assurance, along with other facilities, are the vertices of the quality triangle in the beautiful collection.

Also, the existence of a well-equipped and advanced quality control laboratory guarantees quality maintenance and providing the opinion of esteemed customers.

The beautiful collection, along with other dear craftsmen, thinks tirelessly about a bright and prosperous future.

Some customers print beautiful cellophane