Operational History

In 2009, the construction project of the RotoGravure Printing Complex was initiated by Zibanaghsh Packaging Company. The project encompassed the establishment of a production hall, utilities hall, and storage spaces. With the company’s primary objective of providing the best and highest quality packaging materials, they proceeded to enter into contracts for the purchase of printing, lamination, cold seal, and cutting machinery from renowned European companies, featuring the most advanced models available at that time.

Following the design of extensive mechanical and electrical installations, the implementation of the facilities commenced in 2010. In the early months of 2011, the installation of machinery and equipment began, with the presence of foreign experts, and concluded in the month of November of the same year. Due to advanced technology, high-quality execution, and the presence of experienced experts and technical staff, the factory became fully operational within less than a month after conducting trial production.

Zibanaghsh aims to contribute to the development of the printing and packaging industries in the country, in sync with other countries worldwide, and will continue its relentless efforts in this regard.