CEO's Message

Considering the increasing role of packaging in the sales and competitive strength of various products, the country’s industries require the development of the printing and packaging industry. This objective cannot be achieved without investing in advanced and up-to-date technologies and machinery. In recent years, Zibanaghsh Packaging Company has emerged as one of the few companies that have started operations with appropriate investments and the acquisition of advanced machinery. Within a short period, it has established itself as one of the top and promising players in the field of roll packaging printing at the national level.

Zibanaghsh has carefully selected the best printing machinery, including the 9-color Rotogravure printing machine from Cerutti Italy, the lamination and cold seal machine from Nordmeccanica Italy, and the slitting machine from Kampf Germany. These machines are highly specialized, professional, and aligned with the country’s industrial needs. They represent the most advanced technology available in Europe.

In addition to advanced machinery, the printing and packaging industry requires skilled and experienced personnel in various stages prior to printing and during the printing process to deliver acceptable work. In our company, we have an equipped design unit with talented and professional designers who prepare designs in the best and most beautiful forms. With the efforts of our production experts, operators, and the meticulous supervision of the quality control laboratory, we deliver the best printed rolls. It is the dedicated and skilled workforce in our company that is the main driver of our growth and progress.

Due to the excellent quality of our work, as well as the suitable quality of products for the food industry, the main customers of our roll packaging industry, we have the opportunity to provide standard rolls for the export of food industries. In addition, the products of our company have received a good reception in the regional market through our export activities, which presents valuable opportunities for future endeavors.

The printing and packaging industry has a significant impact on other sectors of the economy. Fortunately, this industry has experienced substantial growth in recent years in our country.

With the dedication and perseverance of Zibanaghsh’s employees and future investments, we hope that our company will have a more significant role in the development of this industry in the country.