Message from head manger

Due to the increasing role of packaging various products in increasing sales and their competitiveness, the country’s industries need to develop the printing and packaging industry, and this is not possible without investing in advanced and up-to-date technologies and machinery. In recent years, Ziba Naghsh Tabriz Company is one of the few companies that has started working with proper investment and the purchase of advanced machines, and in a short period of time has introduced itself as one of the top and promising collections of packaging wrappers in the country. .

Zibanaghsh Company, by selecting the best printing industry machines, including Italian rototrover 9-color Chevrolet printing machine, Italian mechanics laminating and cold-rolling machine, and German hemp cutting machine, is a completely specialized and professional choice in accordance with the needs of the country’s industries and the most advanced technology in terms of efficiency. Available in Europe.

In addition to the existence of advanced machines, due to the need of this industry for great care and effort in various sectors before printing and printing to provide acceptable work, the presence of specialized and experienced staff is required. In this company, a well-equipped design unit with the presence of tasteful and professional designers prepares design works in the best and most beautiful way, and with the efforts of experts and production operators and careful supervision of the quality control laboratory, the best envelope is printed and presented. In this company, the main factor is the growth and development of this company.

Due to the good quality of the company’s work as well as the good quality of the country’s food industry products as the main customers of the packaging wrappers industry, the possibility of providing standard wrappers for the export of the food industry is the most important opportunity facing this unit. In addition to the exports made during this period, the regional market has welcomed the company’s products, which is an expensive opportunity for future activities.

The printing and packaging industry is very large and has a significant impact on other sectors of industry and the economy. Fortunately, in recent years, this industry has grown in the country, and it is hoped that with the efforts and perseverance of beautiful employees and future investments, this company will play a more effective role in the development of this industry in the country.