Company products

Zibanqesh Tabriz Packaging Company, with the aim of printing packaging wrappers in the form of rotogravure (helio printing), purchased the most advanced European machines, which are the best brands in the world.

9 color printing of Italian rotogravure

Solvent and non-solvent Italian laminate

Italian Coldsil Machine for Coldsil Kurdish Packaging Wrappers and German Cutters for Cellophane Cutting

The main works of Ziba Naghsh Company are for use in food industry and printing and completing biscuit cellophane, puff cellophane, cake, cake, pasta, pashmak, toffee, chocolate, ice cream, beans, chips, nuts, etc.

Major consumer movies such as:

Transparent BOPP film

Metallized film

Oyster film

Polyester film

CPP film for pasta packaging

Polyethylene film

Matte BOPP film

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